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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the increases are expected to keep coming, too, maybe five bucks down the road. lisa washington in south san francisco checking out why gas is going so high. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank. yes, we may be celebrating mardi gras but i don't think many people will be celebrating the price of gas if they have to fill up this morning. take a look over my shoulder. you can see $4.35. that's just for the regular gas here at this station on south airport boulevard in the city. the price we pay for gas is directly related to the price of crude oil. on monday it jumped to a nine- month high above $105 a barrel. take a look at some of these numbers. you can see aaa's daily fuel gauge for the bay area gas prices: it's not just the increase in gas prices, it's the trickle- down effect. one gas station owner says that the higher gas prices hurt his
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business because customers don't come inside to buy other things from the convenience stores. also, this week we learned that iran cut oil exports to britain and france. a mideast expert says what iran is doing is a symbolic move. >> this is largely a symbolic move because britain hasn't been buying oil from iran for over a year, france only a modest amount. the reason oil prices spike is there is so little spare capacity in global oil markets right now that oil prices spike on the smallest headline. >> reporter: analysts say that we could be looking to pay as much as $5 per gallon by the time the summer hits. so we will have to for many of us rethink our budgets when you talk about such an increase in the gas prices. frank and grace? >> hard to pay for the extra cheetos and bugles when you pay that much money for gas. it's painful. >> scooters all over san francisco. >> start walking.
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thank you, lisa washington in south san francisco. european finance ministers have agreed to give greece more bailout funds. they siphoned off $170 billion for greece to avoid default. that deal would bring greece's debt down to the maximum sustainable level. first greece has to agree to reforms and cuts. the money will be placed in a special account with enough money to service the debt for three months. the suspect in a weekend murder in berkeley scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. 23-year-old daniel jordan dewitt from alameda was arrested near the murder scene. dewitt is a star football player out of alameda high school. his parents say though he has suffered from mental illness since he was 18. they say the mental health system failed him. >> they get shoved in a hospital for a couple of days and get shoved back out. thrown medications on massive dose of medication and then just put back out on the street. >> it's a battle just to keep them in the hospital. he has been in and out of the
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hospital nine times. >> berkeley police say they did not respond quickly to a call about a suspicious person outside the victim's home because officers were busy monitoring a protest march. hayward police are trying to find a man they say should be in custody not on the streets. 32-year-old jose hernandez is a domestic violence suspect. police say he slashed his own throat and stabbed himself before they detained him outside his ex-girlfriend's house on saturday night. he was treated for the wounds and sent to a psychiatric evaluation. and then he was let go inadvertently. police say hernandez has extensive bandages and sutures around his neck. convicted killer wesley shermantine has described the low cast of a third well where he claims a body can be found according to a bounty hunter who has been speak with the "speed freak" killer. it's supposed to be within a mile of a well in san joaquin county where searchers have found hundreds of human bones. they could be up to 30 murders
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that shermantine claims were committed by him and his late partner in crime loren herzog. searchers took the holiday off yesterday and plan to resume their search today for the second well near linden. lawrence karnow about to bring on the heat. right? >> i know. heating things up this week. >> yeah. it looks like spring fever around the bay area. we are going to get things cranked up. still some patchy, dense fog to begin heading out the door. watch out for that. transamerica building disappearing in the fog right now. temperatures not all that bad. got a lot of 40s around the bay area, even 50 right now in san jose. 49 in san francisco and 44 degrees in concord. by the afternoon you know, yesterday we had 50s and some low 60s for highs. the highs today really going to pop outside. double digits, 10 to 11 degrees warmer than yesterday's highs. looking at 70s and 60s and this is just the beginning of warmer weather. next few days numbers in the mid-70s on wednesday and thursday with offshore winds. we start to cool down on friday
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and much cooler temperatures expected over the weekend. looking good. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. it is not too bad at all out there. eastbound 92 there was an accident we were following, there may still be some activity on the shoulder but even if there is it's not causing any delay and westbound 92 crossing the san mateo bridge into hayward, maybe a little fog out go to start off your morning commute but it's nothing that should really slow you down and there are no official fog advisories from chp. let's go towards the altamont pass. starting to get a few brake lights now. you can see a little yellowing on our sensors nothing too bad a few brake lights less than 40 miles per hour. bay bridge, of course, open way ahead of schedule. this is the time of the morning when we were expecting the bay bridge to be re-opening. but it's been open for quite a while already since sunday night. so right now westbound 80 is an 18-minute drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we'll have more traffic and weather coming up. back to you >> thank you. a big week for wall street. the milestone that the dow
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could reach today. >> plus, one week away from the next gop primary. this morning is rick santorum separating himself from the pack? we'll take a look. it's fat tuesday. that means the party is in full swing on bourbon street. i'm karen brown from new orleans with the latest. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we're already seeing a lot more cars on the road on this back- to-work tuesday morning. here's a live look near the dublin interchange. westbound 580 traffic so far in the clear. coming up a check of of the south bay in minutes. a lot of people will be watching the stock market as it
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flirts with a milestone. the dow begins 55 points away from 13,000. it is a mark that has not been reached since before the financial crisis crippled the economy. ' county official in sacramento facing questions after he spent thousands in taxpayer monies to furnish his office. brad hudson being challenged by a county supervisor over his expenditures including a white now machine that cost $15,000. hudson says it keeps eavesdroppers from hearing confidential meetings. also $21,000 in new office furniture. >> i can't see the county of sacramento to pay for my office decorations. >> supervisor phil serna asked hudson to pay for them himself. he said no but then agreed to
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voluntarily take a pay cut of nearly $12,000. he will will now make $245,000 a year. rick santorum's lead is bigger in the republican race for president. the latest poll shows that he leads mitt romney by 10 points. romney dropped 7 in the past week. newt gingrich and ron paul are at 13 and 11%, respectively. romney may be lagging in the polls but he is doing very weather on another front, fundraising. his campaign's latest report shows it raised $6.5 million last month and has almost $8 million on hand. in addition, restore our future, a political action committee that supports romney, raised 6.6 million in january. 5:10, they're flush with cash. how would you like a check from apple? >> like it. >> 15 bucks could be coming to you. we'll tell you why. also, take a look. it's calm now but not for long.
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fat tuesday celebrations about to get under way. we'll have a live report from the french quarter when we come back. so stay right there. >> cool wet weather, sunshine and much warmer weather coming our way. we'll talk about that next. ,, anyone who grows things for a living will tell ya...
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want this result? gotta start with this soil. miracle-gro potting mix. success starts with the soil. about to reach the peak in new orleans. mardi gras season is
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winding down but festivities are about to reach a peak in new orleans. that's where we find karen brown joining us live from new orleans, l.a. got a beignet, maybe a hurricane in one of your hands? >> you know, grace, it sounds like you have been here before. >> she has. >> well, i have, karen. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. exactly. what happens in new orleans stays in new orleans. and i can tell you some things have happened this morning that, you know, i sort of wish i hadn't seen. the weather is, uhm, really, really mild here so there's been a lot of exposure, things that shouldn't be exposed. but i can tell you that right now they are going through bourbon street and the french quarter literally soaping down the streets getting it ready for today and it just smells so much better than it did a few hours ago. so far, city officials say this is one of the best mardi gras celebrations in years. reporter: it's a party in the streets of new orleans.
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thousands are lining the parade routes enjoying the music and catching the beads. revelers who came out monday night even got a few celebrity sightings at the orpheus parade. harry connick, jr., brett michaels and cyndi lauper rode on some of the elaborate floats. >> cyndi lauper threw me these beads. so that's a fact. >> reporter: it's a tradition in new orleans. evelyn has been coming to the party for 51 years. >> it's a big party. >> reporter: well, after the parades are over, the crowds continue to fill bourbon street where as you can tell the bars are open all night long. local officials estimate that hundreds of thousands of people flock to new orleans for mardi gras. >> everybody is having a good time. that's mainly what it is. >> you, too? >> i'm having a wonderful time. >> reporter: police are patrolling the streets to make sure the partying doesn't get out of control.
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>> there's a lot of camaraderie. there's a lot, unfortunately, it's drunken camaraderie but it is fun. >> reporter: it's a big boost for business. a new tulane university study estimates mardi gras injects more than $144 million into the local economy. and it all builds up to fat tuesday, the last day for the parades and parties before this celebration gives way to lent at midnight. all right. you are taking a live look down bourbon street where we have the clean-up and the coors light truck. it's definitely mardi gras here in the in the french quarter. one reason it takes so long to clean up is 25 million pounds of beads are brought into this system over the mardi gras period and i learned something new this year about the mardi gras colors. the gold is supposed to represent power. the purple justice. and the green faith. but i have decided that the gold represents how people feel when they get to the parades albright and cheery. the purple how many people feel
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here on bourbon street a little woozy after a long night and green, yes, how people in a couple of hours from now once they finally go to bed. >> or a week later. nothing says mardi gras like coors light and soap, right? >> exactly. >> what about the -- i guess there is a new curfew for younger folks there this year, too, right, karen? >> reporter: yeah. you know what, frank, in fact, they the a new curfew in effect for kids -- they put a new curfew in effect for kids 16 and younger. they have to be with a guardian after 8 p.m. they are enforcing it. about a quarter of the 800 arrests last night were curfew- related. there are a lot of things that 16 and under children should not be seeing here in the french quarter late at night. so so far everyone is -- [overlapping speakers] >> all right. karen brown, we always love talking to you from mardi gras live in new orleans, thank you. >> have fun. thanks. hey, how about some weather in our neck of the woods? >> guys, people may be exposing
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themselves a little more in the bay area the next couple of days? >> oh, yeah? >> yes. all those white legs coming out. lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way. now we're looking at fog out the door. watch out for dense fog early on, temperatures mainly into the 40s. but by the afternoon, what a jump in the temperatures we're going to see today. mid-60s possibly at the coast even low 70s in the valleys. just a couple of high clouds moving in overhead. high pressure now building into the bay area just setting itself up now for much warmer weather but this is a very strong ridge. high clouds over the top of the ridge today but after that we are going to clear out your skies and the temperatures going to get cranked up well above the average probably some mid-70s in spots inland. temperatures around the bay area today looking very good as we head toward the afternoon. 70 degrees santa clara, 70 in san jose, 66 in san mateo and 68 in union city. east bay numbers up as high as 70 degrees in pittsburg, 68 in vallejo and 71 degrees in the napa valley. as you look to the north bay temperatures up into the 70s in spots like santa rosa and petaluma and sonoma.
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67 degrees beautiful and sunny in san francisco this afternoon. next couple of days going to be something else. these temperatures soaring especially into wednesday and thursday. beginning to cool off just a tad into friday. much cooler temperatures expected over the weekend. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. it is pretty quiet on the roads this morning. maybe people getting a little longer to get going after a long holiday weekend. highway 4 usually one of our first spots to back up. you can see our live traffic sensors are mostly picking up top speeds from antioch towards concord in those westbound lanes of 4. so not too bad. towards the bay bridge, of course, it is open. it's been open since sunday night and everything is good to go across the upper deck. no issues on the approaches. everything is moving fine all the way into san francisco if you are a back-to-work commuter this morning. otherwise silicon valley not too bad. westbound 237 looks great for from milpitas towards san jose. so no issues all the way across that stretch. and if you are commuting along
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the peninsula 101 and 280 are both up to speed all the way from the south bay towards san francisco. so here's drive times for the south bay. 101, 280, guadalupe parkway, so far no major delay not seeing a lot of roadwork out there to slow you down so just a lot of green traffic sensors and everything moving up to speed. you can see a few more headlights there so definitely a little busier on the roads this morning than we saw yesterday, of course, for the holiday. overall not too bad. mass transit is also on time. if you are about to hit the road, remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. iphone owners check your mail. >> yeah. you might be getting 15 bucks from apple. we'll tell you why. >> and we'll tell you about a wacky feat that one teen is calling his own. ,,
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. disclosure of details from 9-1-1 calls. back now the a5:23. a state lawmaker is seeking to restrict disclosure for details from 911 calls. assemblywoman norma torres is concerned about the publicity that's generated from details of a 911 call involving actress demi moore. well, a bill now under consideration in the assembly would prohibit the law enforcement agencies from
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releasing medical or personal identifying information in emergency calls. do you own an iphone 4? well, you might be getting $15 from apple. the company has settled a class action lawsuit over antenna problems. owners complain loudly that their phones drop calls soon after they bought the gadget back in june of 2010. 21million people are eligible for the payout. they have an option for a $15 check or a new case. does the thought of losing your cell phone make you nervous? if so, you are not alone. according to a research group the fear of being without your cell phone is on the rise. we can all relate. researchers found 66% of people in the uk say they fear losing their phones up 13% from 4 years ago. could you live without your cell phone for a few days? which by the way is right over there. >> thanks for outing me, frank. think about how much we depend on it for so many things. >> like a mini laptop.
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can't live without it. world records come in all shapes and sizes and now one vermont high school student is going to have a wacky record to call his own. jeffrey white stumbled upon his challenge after completing a math test early. he wanted to know is there a record for the longest chain of clamped staples? turns out there is. 422 feet and it's held by a man in bangladesh. three months and $5 worth of staples he reached 750 feet and nine inches [ indiscernible ] i should send a picture to them saying it wasn't easy. >> he spent months doing that. jeff is in the process of filing paperwork to validate his staple chain with the world record authority. >> where would you even think to find that record in the first place? >> no idea. how about a burger in a test tube? sound yummy? scientists say they can fool even the biggest foodies. a convicted killer drops
5:26 am
another bomb. the potential third site for victims of the speed freak killers. hayward police are looking for a man accidentally released from a psychiatric clinic over the weekend. coming up, we'll tell you how it happened and where he was last seen. like it, on the ground the price of gas is -- like it or not, the price of gas is going up. hear why there's an increase in oil prices. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hospital! why police think he's so dangerous. weather ad libs a suspect on the run after he was accidentally let go from the hospital. why police believe he is so dangerous. patchy, dense fog plenty of sunshine later these temperatures really heating up. we'll have details in a second. >> and it's the first day of the slightly new configuration on the incline section of the bay bridge. good morning. fad tuesday, good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm 5:29. developing news out of hayward. the search is on for a suspect who was an advertently released from the hospital. authorities say he slashed his
5:30 am
throat and police believe he is dangerous. gil diaz reports. >> reporter: hayward police believe he is not only a danger to himself but to the public. police wouldn't be looking for him this morning if he hadn't been accidentally released from a psychiatric clinic. jose hernandez is 5'8", 150 pounds with short black hair and brown eyes. he has bandages around his neck. he was taken to john george psychiatric pavilion in san leandro over the weekend for evaluation. he tried to kill himself by slashing his throat an stabbing himself in front of police. he was stalking his ex- girlfriend and confronted by police at her residence. he was taken to the hospital for his injuries then transferred to the psychiatric clinic for evaluation and was supposed to be returned to police custody but the clinic
5:31 am
accidentally released him. he was last seen taking a cab at whipple road and medallion avenue going to union city. call police if you have seen him. back to you guys. >> gil, it seems unbelievable that someone who is considered so dangerous could accidentally be let go. was it paperwork, human error, what happened? >> reporter: we were trying to figure out what happened but obviously, there was a breakdown in communications between the psychiatric clinic and police. we don't know yet how this happened. we're not sure if this is a rare occurrence. but would you think that if someone is treated into a psychiatric clinic, that there's instructions of what to do with that person right after the
5:32 am
evaluation. >> thank you. we have developing news in antioch. this morning officers are looking for a wrong-way driver. the chp says the driver and passenger were head westbound in the eastbound lanes at somersvillee road. suspects abandoned cars and ran on the streets. >> more victims of the speed freak killers could resume this morning. convicted killer wesley shermantine has described the location of a third well where he claims a body can be found there according to bounty hunter leonard padilla. it's near a place where searchers have found hundreds of human bones. >> the map he drew is based on
5:33 am
what he knew 13, 15 16 years ago which doesn't have anything to do with the layout of the land today. >> there could be up to 30 murders that shermantine claims were committed by him or his late partner in crime loren herzog. bounty hunter leonard padilla has signed his first check of $2,000 to shermantine. if they keep talking he will give them more money. crews have found the remains of at least two victims in san joaquin county. a bit of a happier subject, the weather, it's going to be amazing this week. >> a trifecta of beautiful days. >> folks will be very happy. next couple of days will be something else by the weekend a different story but today looking good around the bay area. we are starting out with patchy, dense fog. that's the main weather concern this morning. some of that fog very thick in the valleys toward napa and santa rosa. visibilities down to a quarter mile. temperatures mainly in the 40s
5:34 am
although we have managed to sneak into the 50s there in san jose. by the afternoon, though, we are enjoying mostly sunny skies, 70 degrees in san jose. 70 in had santa clara. 69 milpitas. east bay temperatures in the 60s and 70s. just the beginning of much warmer weather, even 67 in san francisco. the next couple of days going to be something else especially wednesday and thursday. that will be the peak of the heat. these temperatures in the mid- 70s in the warmest spots. cooling off a bit into friday. much cooler temperatures expected over the weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. bay bridge toll plaza where so far everything is off to a great start. things are different at the bay bridge towards the incline section of the bay bridge. they were doing that upper deck of roadwork over the presidents day weekend. they shifted the incline section slightly farther south starting to build a new approach to the new span and
5:35 am
it's not going to look different. no major problems and so far, so good along the peninsula. 101 and 280 both moving at top speeds this morning all the way through the san mateo area all the way towards san francisco. and silicon valley commuters westbound 237 looks great near that 880/237 interchange. in fact, all of the south bay is so far in the clear. 101280 and the guadalupe parkway and mass transit is on time so overall, great start on this back-to-work tuesday morning. that is traffic. back to you. >> easier for you. this morning greece is getting another bailout. european finance ministers have agreed to another $170 billion for greece to avoid default. the deal would bring their debt to the maximum sustainable level but first greece must agree to enact reforms and spending cuts. the money will be placed in a special account with enough money to service debt for three
5:36 am
months. next tankful of gas that you buy will probably cost more than the last one. lisa washington is in south san francisco with reasons behind the $4 gas -- well over $4, right? >> well over $4 and it could be going up the customers who need to get gas mr. have sticker shock. take a look at the prices here. we are at a station on south airport boulevard here in south san francisco 4.35 a gallon just regular. if you need premium, 4:57. i think some people will say ouch. as we know the price of gas is directly related to the price of crude oil which jumped to a nine-month high above $105 a barrel. take a look at these average prices:
5:37 am
we learned this week that iran cut oil exports to both britain and france. an expert says what iran is doing is symbolic. there are some domestic oil concerns. >> one of the main reasons refineries back east, a big fluctuation this past week as we have seen the prices go up so much. >> analysts are predicting that we could be looking at $5 a gallon lie summer. so of course when you fill up the next time it's going to cost more. the prices are up 5% over the past week and 12% over the past year so i think we should just cross our fingers and maybe cut our budgets a little bit because it seems like they are going up for quite some time. >> start walk. lisa, you talked to the owner, right? they claim that they don't actually make more money when the prices go up, right? >> exactly. they say that the higher gas prices actually hurt their
5:38 am
business. that's because the customers don't come inside the convenience stores to get things like snacks and drinks. they just spend all the money on the gas because it costs more. >> it's painful. all right. lisa washington, live in south san francisco, thank you. >> get your walking shoes. 5:38 now. the parents of a berkeley murder suspect say their son is suffering from mental illness. 23-year-old daniel jordan dewitt from alameda is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. he is accused of beating a man to death with a garden pot. this happened in the berkeley hills on saturday night. dewitt's former football star at alameda high school. his parents say the mental health system failed him. >> if people were to describe him they would say what a kind gentle person he is. this is an illness. it has nothing to do with him. >> berkeley pd didn't respond to a call for a prowler. they were dealing with protestors at the time. they did respond when the
5:39 am
victim's wife called 911. another shooting caps off a violent holiday weekend in oakland. police were called to 82nd avenue and international boulevard last night. they found a young man with gunshot wounds to his lower body. witnesses say silver bmw with three men inside was seen speeding away from the area. three men having killed in east oakland since thursday. several more have been injured. a 16-year-old robbery suspect is in custody this morning after a massive manhunt in san jose. witnesses say that the boy's mom arranged to surrender him to officers at a valero gas station near mineta international airport. earlier they scoured the area near bascomb avenue. they search for hours using helicopters, k-9s and thermal cameras. the teen was wanted in connection with at least one previous robbery. rick santorum take be the lead in the gop race. but the fight far from over. the candidate bringing in some big bucks. coming up. and could this be the meat of the future? it does not come from an
5:40 am
animal. how scientists are creating the first test tube burger. >> yum. [ laughter ] >> ew. yuck. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. jim wilson? here is the chase freedom 5% cash back you get on purchases. wow! and your kindle fire. thank you. do you have any bubble wrap? activate your 5% cash back at
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with the dow close to a major milestone. it's been a rocky 4 years, stocks begin trading today after the long holiday weekend where the dow is close to a big milestone. 2012 off to a strong start. here to explain how this will affect your 401(k), we have jill schlesinger, editor at large for after months of talking to you, do you have good news today? >> hello. [ laughter ] >> i don't know if i can believe it. >> i don't like that laugh. [ laughter ] >> hang on. >> reporter: the dow is now at four-year highs. we're within 50 points of
5:43 am
13,000 the next big threshold. even better the broader index s&p up 8.2% this year. we are close to taking back all of the losses sustained since june of 2008. if you are a technology investor, you're feeling pretty good this morning. we're near the highest level in a decade at about 29.51, up over 13% or the year. don't look now. u.s. stocks are up 24% from our october low. >> my 401(k) is happy. for those who took some money out and put it into bonds or something else, is it too late to get in now that it's surged up? what should we do? >> it depends on the type of person you are. if you got out of stocks because you couldn't stand the gyration, maybe it's not the best thing to jump back in. look, stocks are still very volatile. we don't know they're going to go up in the future. could be just as bad as 2008. but if you realize that you made an emotional decision and you really want a way to get back, here's what you need to do. create a game plan to do so.
5:44 am
you want to take a risk assessment test. get some sort of an allocation for you so you're a balanced investor, 50% stocks, 50% bonds. choose a fixed percentage of your account that will put you back into stocks until you get to that desired allocation so maybe it's 10% a month for five months until you get to 50% in stocks. once you get there, stick to your plan. otherwise you are going to continue this terrible cycle of selling low and buying back in higher. we have a great article on to help you out. it's how to stop doing dumb things with your money. >> why stop with money? just dumb things in general. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i can only speak to the money part, i'm sorry. >> we'll told to you that. thank you, jill schlesinger, editor at large for in the presidential race the latest gallup poll shows that rick santorum has a 10- point lead over mitt romney
5:45 am
over republicans nationally. but romney's slumping poll numbers don't seem to be affecting his campaign fundraising efforts. the latest report shows that it raised $6.5 million last month and has almost $8 million on hand. yesterday he toured a bioscience facility. >> some people don't know what it is that creates an enterprise like this and puts people to work. most people think it's government that makes america work and that a very wise all- powerful government could be more effective in guiding the economy than individuals pursuing their own dreams. those guys are wrong. >> santorum has been spending more time criticizing president obama. ron paul in fourth in the poll campaigned yesterday in north dakota. newt gingrich a distant third spoke today on "cbs this morning." this is a wild roller coaster. i have been the lead twice. santorum is now in the lead but
5:46 am
so was governor perry, so was tim pawlenty at one point had a chance, so did michele bachmann and herman cain. this has been the wildest nominating process i can remember. >> and that's why we're riveted. charlie rose's full interview with gingrich can be seen just after us, it starts at 7 a.m. right here on cbs 5. you know, lawrence, if you were running for office right now, you would win! >> go all in on me right now because we have some great weather come our way. some patchy, dense fog around the bay area this morning. looking at the possibility of some delays now at sfo on arrivals of over an hour so watch out for that this morning. temperatures running in the 40s right now. by the afternoon, though, what a day it's going to be. these numbers really beginning to spike a bit. 60s at the coast, low 70s likely to happen in many of the interior valleys around the bay area. high pressure building in, high clouds continuing to drift over the inning are. we'll see those throughout the day today. athis is ridge sets in we'll see well above-normal temperatures, plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. and numbers tomorrow looks like
5:47 am
through thursday probably in the mid-70s the warmest spots. today it will be warming up. 70 degrees in santa clara. 71 in morgan hill. about 68 in palo alto. and 64 degrees in pacifica. sunshine and 70s in many. interior valleys. 60s and 70s there. inside the bay plenty of sunshine too this afternoon about 68 in oakland, 67 in berkeley, 68 in san rafael. over the next couple of days much warmer temperatures expected peaking about wednesday and thursday. then we start to cool down a little bit come friday, much cooler weather expected this next weekend. elizabeth, top that! >> i know. i can't. even though i have to say the commute hasn't been bad so far this morning. a lot of you are heading out for the first time to go back to work after a long relaxing hopefully holiday weekend so here's what it looks like on highway 4. you can see the pittsburg-bay point area of concord everything still in the green. we're going to zoom into antioch where we'll see slower speeds. we have a longer line of red traffic sensors now so it is bottlenecking where it usually does right there by a street so watch out for that.
5:48 am
just your usual brake lights across that stretch. 880 through oakland here's a live look as you pass the coliseum. not too bad. definitely busier than yesterday on the roads. quiet. weoverall traffic flow was nice all across the bay area. so westbound 580 we are starting to see some brake lights, as well. 17 minutes your drive time. 17 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. speeds closer toward pleasanton closer towards the dublin interchange so far not too bad. so the south bay getting a south bay check, guadalupe parkway, 101, no major issues there coming out of downtown san jose on 280. there's that live look right there by the 880/17 interchange. so far nice and smooth all the way towards cupertino. san mateo bridge. we were following an earlier accident on eastbound 92 past the toll plaza. looks like that should be completely cleared. across the bridge itself westbound 92 there is the
5:49 am
commute direction towards 101 and everything looks great. really no delay there. bay bridge we know of course the bay bridge was closed over the long holiday weekend so you may find things a little different this morning. it's no big changes but slightly new configuration as you pass the pay gates so we're not expecting it to cause any major problems for commuters this morning. so far no metering lights and no delay. you can see there's a look at some cars stacking up behind those pay gates but overall no major delays all the way up the incline and so far looks great for all forms of mass transit including bart. we just checked in with them and so far they are running all trains on time. >> i think we should maybe break out the bikinis this week in the 70s you. >> guys goforr it. fantastic. >> i saw bikini, lawrence. >> we'll have a small meeting after the show. [ laughter ] it is 5:4. in just a few more hours a
5:50 am
former l.a. schoolteacher is going back to court. mark berndt will be arraigned on charges of lewd acts against 23 children dating back to 2005. prosecutors say the 61-year-old took bizarre bondage-style photos of his students. he has been in jail sense his arrest last month. his bail is set by the way at $23 million. this morning new he effort to make free condoms available to teens in areas in california. the department of public health wants to reduce the rate of stds as well as teen pregnancies. so free home mailings with 10 condoms are now available to young men between the ages of 12 and 19. it includes san francisco and alameda. beef created in a laboratory could soon be on your dinner table. scientists say they are developing meatless meat that would fool even the most dedicate carnivor. i think we should try this.
5:51 am
i'm not convinced. in vancouver they explained the approaches. one is trying to growth meat from animal stem cells and a stanford scientists is working to make a meat alternative from plants. >> we have a class of products that just totally rocks and cannot be distinguished from the animal-based product that it replaces even by very hard core foodies. >> not convinced. both scientists say growing meat in the traditional way is highly inefficient. i believe that. the first test tube burger we could try as soon as next fall. >> i can't wait. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. >> if you want a burger, get a burger. >> that's how i feel. 5751. chris brown and rhiannon back together? their new collaboration after the singer's assault conviction. >> plus, beads, floats, celebrities. live pictures of the big party today in new orleans. a look at mardi gras as fat tuesday is kicking in when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
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5:54 am
deadly avalanche in washington state. a skier from santa cruz is telling her story of survival after the deadly avalanche up in washington state. a new safety backpack actually kept her on top of the snow that killed three of her friends. here's some video of the same backpack saving a snowboarder during an avalanche in colorado earlier this month. this past weekend she had this to say. >> it feels like like you're in a washing machine. don't know which way is up and down. i fully believe my backpack saved my life. >> she was one of eight skiers caught up in an avalanche. three died including one who was found only three feet away
5:55 am
from her. a state lawmaker is unhappy about the disclosure of details concern actress demi moore. norma torres wants calls not to be public. it he would prohibit law enforcement agent sits from releasing medical or personal identifying information in emergency calls. and singers chris brown and rhiannon have two new projects together each helping each other out with a remix, birthday cake and turn up the music. both songs hit the internet yesterday versus their twitter accounts. yesterday was rhiannon's 24th birthday. you may remember that in 2009 brown reached a plea deal after assaulting her. the oakland as bring a player out of retirement to help at the plate. >> this is a bit of a head scratcher but he won't be able to playwright away. >> i'm back! >> there he is. manny ramirez. the as signed him to a minor league deal worth $500,000.
5:56 am
capital play in the majors until he serves his 50 game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy last year when he was with the rays. 12-time all-star was hired last season rather than sitting out what was a 100-game suspension. but -- he retired last season. he will be able to play in late may. the game will be on his 40th birthday at minnesota. we'll see if he has anything left. >> he's back. big party day in louisiana as mardi gras season ends. >> we have live pictures of fat tuesday. traditionally the biggest day of celebration and lent begins tomorrow. very early there so not a lot of people in the streets but for now, parades, alcoholic beverages and zaniness taking over the french quarters with beads being thrown and a huge
5:57 am
boost in money. it brings in $144 million. >> you have been? >> a long time ago. i did go once. it was fun. a lot of people. >> it's all about coors light and soap, right? >> a little too crazy for me to be honest. >> i bet. big, big party. in the next half hour, the rich get richer the. the celebrity with a big jackpot. the parents of a murder suspect say the system failed him. what went wrong before he allegedly beat a man to death. >> a psychiatric clinic accidentally let go of a man instead of returning him to the police. where he was last seen. need to get gas for your car or truck this morning? you will pay a bit more at the pump. hear just how much gas prices have gone up in the past week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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